5th Graders have participated in many hands – on lab investigations,  observations,  and activities this year.  Tomorrow,  Wednesday,  May 15, 2019,  they have the opportunity to show what they know on the 5th GRADE SCIENCE STAAR TEST.  To help students show their best work –

* Have plenty of rest the night before.  LATE – NIGHT ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

  • Eat a good breakfast Wednesday morning.
  • Arrive at school on time and be ready to work.
  • Do your absolute best from the first question to the last – that is all that can be asked of you.

Students may bring a few mints, but no big snacks.   Water will be provided to all 5th graders.

.Come to school tomorrow ready to show the State of Texas that White Oak 5th Graders are true students of Science.

All the best to each and every 5th grader tomorrow.  Your teachers are very proud of your accomplishments this year.


5th Grade Science STAAR TEST Prep Continues

5th graders recently wrapped up their focus on Earth Science.   Overall review of Science concepts continues,  involving several 5th grade teachers and class periods.   We are currently monitoring the life cycle of a lima bean plant,  weather / climate conditions,  the Physical Science concepts of energy and force,  Scientific Method,  and Ecosystems.  Students are also working through a released Science STAAR test to prepare for the real thing.  The amount of information is large,  as is the ability of each 5th grade student.  We are ready for 5th graders to show what they know.


5th Grade Science STAAR TEST Wednesday,  5/15/19. 

*  Get plenty of rest the night before.

*  Have a good breakfast that morning.

*  No outside visitors on Campus next Monday – Wednesday.

*  Come ready to show what you know and give it 100%.


Rocks, Fossil Fuels, and Time Capsules

5th graders recently completed hands – on labs to understand the formation of Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels.  The week of 4/22/19 – 4/26/19,  students will perform a fossil dig and recover evidence of past life in an Ecosystem.  This serves as a time capsule,  giving information about the history of the area.   Overall 5th grade Science review begins late next week,  and will continue until the 5th GRADE SCIENCE STAAR on Wednesday, May 15th.   This will be a very important day as students show their Science knowledge from Grades 1 – 5.

Easter Party Change


Due to the forecast of rain tomorrow,  Thursday,  4/19/19,  5th grade will have their Easter Party in the gym at White Oak Baptist Church,  across White Oak Road from the Middle/High School campuses,  from 9 – 10 AM.    Students were given a permission slip to ride the bus to the gym.  This needs to be TURNED IN TOMORROW MORNING to allow the child to attend.    Please help to ensure this happens.   Thank you for your help.

Earth Science Study Continues

Recently,  students have researched Earth’s Rotation (day – night cycle),  Revolution & Tilt (year – seasons),  and atmosphere.   5th graders also observed new and recent construction areas around the WOISD campus as they observed the effects of human activity,  erosion,  deposition,  and weathering in the area.  Hands – on lab experiments this week cover soil types,  textures,  and  and ability to grow producers (plants).   Renewable / Nonrenewable resources will be discussed toward the end of this week and into next week.

Grade Sheets by Friday,  4/5/19:

Assignment                                                          Grade

Unit 20 / 21 Shadows, Seasons, Moon                       _______

Unit 22  Water Cycle                                                   _______

Unit 12  Landforms                                                     _______

Unit 19  Soil Types                                                      _______

The 5th Grade SCIENCE STAAR TEST will be administered on Wednesday,  May 15,  2019.

Earth Science Continues

5th graders have been studying the Solar System, focusing on characteristics of the Sun,  Earth,  and Moon.   Data charts examining the Sun / Earth / Moon system,  along with hands – on lab experiments showing Earth’s rotation as the cause of the day – night cycle,  have been completed.  The week of 2/25/19 – 3/1/19,  students will research Earth and Moon features through a hands – on lab:  Comparing Earth and the Moon – To Crater or Not to Crater.     This inquiry based activity will answer the question – “Why does the Moon’s surface have a greater number of craters than that of Earth’s?”    Weather / Climate observations and comparisons continue.

Additional grades that students should enter on their grade sheet include:

Grade #7:  E. S.  Sun / Earth / Moon

Grade #8:  Unit 14:  Earth’s Rotation

Grade #9:  Earth Science:  Weather Observations / Climate    (Week of 2/25/19).

Physical Science Benchmark

5th graders will complete the Physical Science Benchmark Assessment this Thursday,  2/7/19,  and Friday,  2/8/19.   Concepts / suggestions to review using lab folder contents such as graded assignments,  Physical Science labs,  and  related vocabulary include:

States of matter and uses of heat energy – changing from solid to liquid to gas by adding heat,  or gas to liquid to solid by taking heat away (think ice – water – steam).

Conductors and insulators of heat and electric energy.

Study the Energy Chart  and be able to compare / contrast different types of energy and their characteristics.

Understand that Electrical energy must have a closed, complete circuit made out of a conductor to travel from the electrical energy source to a light bulb,  buzzer,  or other electrical device.

Know that light energy travels in a straight line through the air,  but can change as it passes through certain matter.

When light bounces off (mirror,  light colored object)  and changes direction,  that’s REFLECTION.

When light passes through (glasses,  clear water,  telescope lens) and changes action (bends),  that’s REFRACTION.

Characteristics of matter including relative density compared to water,  magnetism,  ability to conduct  or insulate energy,  mass,  physical state.

Characteristics of simple mixtures (dinner salad,  iron shavings+sand+wood chips+gravel),  and special mixtures called Solutions ( Sugar+water,  Kool aid+water).

Forces:  Gravity,  friction,  magnetism,  push-pull,  and their effect on matter / objects.

Know lab equipment and procedures,  and be able to identify well – defined lab questions that we could research and answer in 5th grade.  Evaluate lab set – ups and what questions they may be designed to answer.

Students should study / review about 20 minutes each night over these concepts using their lab folders.

There may be 2 Life Science questions on the test as a reminder of concepts taught earlier in the year.  They would cover food webs / producers / consumers,  and physical characteristics of living organisms.

We will begin EARTH SCIENCE next week.


Physical Science Continues

5th graders completed a Science Benchmark on Thursday,  1/24/19.   This is used to check comprehension,   providing a guide for future lab activities.   Grade #3 – Mixtures,  will be completed on Friday,  1/25/19.   The week of 1/28/19 – 2/1/19,  students will complete a hands – on lab comparing mixtures and solutions.  Understanding will be checked on Grade #4 – Mixtures and Solutions.   A separate lab will cover matter changing states (solid – liquid – gas).   Grade #5 – R.C. #2 – Energy / Forces  will check comprehension of forces, motion, and energy.  Toward the end of the week,  Grade #6 –  Physical Quotes  will offer a chance to review and revisit  Physical Science concepts researched thus far.

Push / Pull Through Physical Science

5th Grade Science begins 2019 with a continuing of Physical Science.  Sound,  Light,  and Mechanical Energy will be studied the first 2 weeks back from Christmas Break,  followed by Mixtures and Solutions during Weeks 3 and 4.  Helpful vocabulary found in the lab folder glossary includes: Vibration, conductor,  insulator,  reflection,  refraction,  mechanical energy,  motion,  dissolve, solute,  solvent,  solution.   White Oak Intermediate School students also have access to Brainpop.com,  which offers online 3 to 5 minute lessons over Science concepts.    Username: wobrain,  password:  whiteoak.  These videos are used in class,  and are beneficial when learning concepts,  especially if students are absent or are struggling with comprehension of Science ideas.

Lab Folder Grade Sheets by Friday, 1/18/19:

Assignment                             Grade

  1.  Unit 7:  Light Energy             ______
  2.  Unit 9:  Motion                       ______

American Century Study Ends – Physical Science continues in January

5th graders have completed examination of The American Century.   Final three entries on the grade sheet:

              Assignment                                Grade

7.   American Century I                             ______         (covers 1900 – 1940s)

8.   American Century II                            ______         (covers 1941 – 1960s)

9.    American Century III                          ______         (covers 1960s – 2000)

We will pick up with Physical Science in January:  Forms, uses, and characteristics of Solar,  Heat,  Electric,  Light,  Sound,  and Mechanical Energy.  Hands – on labs covering each of these will be completed,  followed often by 10 – 12 item graded assignments to check / monitor comprehension.   Please be reminded that,  with the exception of Common Assessments,  students may correct graded work to earn a higher score.  Attendance and keeping absences to a minimum are critical to student success.    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas,  and a safe New Year.