5th Grade Research/ Life Science Begins

The year has started out solid in 5th Grade Science.  Students have completed several lab stations covering Scientific Method, equipment, and safe lab procedures.  This week,  Life Science study begins.  Weather conditions may keep us from going out to the Nature Center (behind the school),  but students will begin understanding what an EcoSYSTEM is,  all of the parts it involves, and the concepts of System and Cycle.   5th graders have completed their first graded assignment for the first 9 weeks.  Grade Sheets,  filled out by the student,  located in the lab folders.  should look like this as of Tuesday,  8/29/17:

ASSIGNMENT                                                                GRADE

  1.  Science Lab Equipment, Equipment, Procedures     _____

Lab folders may be brought home at any time to view lab activities,  graded work,  or to study vocabulary concepts.

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