Home Stretch for Life Science

5th graders have studied Science lab safety,  procedures,  tools,  and Life Science concepts since the beginning of school.  There will be a Life Science Common Assessment on Wednesday – Thursday,  October 18th & 19th,  2017.  The majority of this 22 -question assessment will cover Life Science concepts.  Some Science lab procedures,  safety,  and tools questions will also be asked.  Students can take their lab folders home at any time to review concepts.   While we do not completely drop Life Science ideas,  the focus will shift towards Physical Science concepts beginning the week of 10/23/17.

The last three entries on student grade sheets are as follows:

Assignment                                              Grade

#7:  Comparing Structures / Functions                ______

#8:  Ecosystem Talkers                                        ______

#9:  Unit 27:  Food Webs / Metamorph.               ______

Grade #9 will be the last grade for this first 9 week period,  and will be entered into Skyward by next Wednesday,  10/18/17.  Students are beginning the assignment today,  Thursday,  10/12/17.

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