Physical Science concepts covered this week include forms of energy and types of matter that make good insulators or conductors.  5th graders constructed their own insulators on Monday, 11/6/17,  in an attempt to trap heat energy in a standard sized soda can filled with hot H2O.  They used pieces of matter brought from home,  or those provided in the classroom.  Monitoring thermal energy loss over a 15 minute period,  they learned what homeowners already know.  Keeping heat energy in–or out for that matter,  can be a challenge.  Study now moves to matter that will insulate or conduct electrical energy.   Student grade sheets by early next week should have the following entries:

Assignment                                               Grade

  1.  Life Science Common Assessment          ______
  2.  Unit 1:  Physical Properties of Matter        ______
  3.  Unit 2:  Boil / Freeze                                  ______
  4.  Unit 6:  Energy                                           ______

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