Objects in Motion

5th graders continue in Physical Science with the study of Mechanical Energy, Forces,  and Laws of Motion.  This week,  Gravity,  Friction,  and the force of Air were used to cause movement and to control  objects.  Next Week,  students will complete a graded assignment which reviews Matter and Energy.

Practice Science STAAR to be given Thursday,  January 18, 2018.

All 5th grade Science concepts will be included.  Students have not covered some of the concepts,  and should simply do their best to show what they know.  This will be an important tool to guide instruction and research in the coming weeks.  Earth Science concepts, as well as remaining Physical Science ideas, will be covered in the near future.


Assignment                                                    Grade

  1.  Unit 10: Force, Mech Energy                   ______
  2.  Matter and Energy  (Next Week)              ______

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