Physical Science Common Assessment Next Week

5th graders are finishing up and reviewing Physical Science concepts taught this year.  Students will cycle through lab stations and revisit activities from late October to now.  We will also use Brainpop and lab folder contents to help with the review.

The Physical Science Common Assessment will be given on Wednesday,  February 14th,  and Thursday,  February 15th,  and will have 27 total questions (25 Physical Science,  2 Life Science).

Students may bring their lab folders home to review Physical Science vocabulary and labs.  Many of the concepts can be easily observed around the home.  Encourage your child to spend about 20 – 30 minutes per night in review.

Grade sheets as of 2/7/18:

Assignment                                                         Grade

  1.  Unit 10: Force,  Mechanical Energy                   _____
  2.  Matter and Energy                                              _____
  3.  Unit 3:  Mixtures                                                  _____
  4.  Unit 4:  Solutions                                                 _____
  5.  Physical Quotes                                                  _____

We will begin studying the Earth Sciences after the Physical Science Common Assessment.

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