Earth Science Study

5th Graders are studying the Earth Sciences,  beginning with a comparison / contrast of Weather and Climate.  Observations of local atmospheric conditions,  and how that relates to climate over many years will be examined.  Our Solar System,  and studying the Earth / Moon / Sun relationship will happen during the next few class periods.  Understanding how the unique characteristics and movements of each of these play a part in life on Earth,  including the measurement of time and the Day / Night / Year cycle will be researched.  We will also be reviewing the Physical Science Common Assessment results during class.  Grades cannot be raised through corrections  because it is an Assessment.


ASSIGNMENT                                                 GRADE

  1.  Unit 10: Force,  Mechanical Energy                  _______
  2.  Matter and Energy                                             _______
  3.  Unit 3: Mixtures                                                  _______
  4.  Unit 4: Solutions                                                 _______
  5.  Physical Quotes                                                 _______
  6.  Physical Science Common Assessment           _______

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