Earth Science Continues

This week,  students continue comparing physical features of the Sun,  Earth,  and Moon.

The Moon has many more craters than Earth,  and the surface looks very different from that of our own planet.  WHY?

This question will drive the hands – on lab 5th graders will complete.  We also will review order of the planets,  and features of the Sun and Earth.  Nine entries should be entered on student grade sheets,  located in the lab folders,  by the end of this week.  This also marks the end of the grading period.

Assignment                                         Grade

  1.  Unit 10:  Force, Mech Energy                  ______
  2.  Matter and Energy                                   ______
  3.  Unit 3:  Mixtures                                       ______
  4.  Unit 4:  Mixtures                                       ______
  5.  Physical Quotes                                       ______
  6.  Physical Science Common Assessm.      ______
  7.  Sun / Earth / Moon System                       ______
  8.  Unit 17:  Earth’s Rotation                          ______
  9.  Unit 25:  Solar System                              ______

Earth Science study will continue after Spring Break,  with a closer examination of the physical features of Earth.

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