Earth Science concludes, Science Review for STAAR

5th graders are wrapping up the Earth Sciences,  and reviewing Science concepts taught throughout the year.  With the approaching 5th Grade SCIENCE STAAR on MAY 16th,  it is important for students to stay focused and have good attendance so that they may benefit from every learning opportunity.  Like years past,  other 5th grade teachers are reviewing Science during their class periods as well.  Students have their lab folders,  which can be brought home at any time to help with review and study.   Benchmarks from March will also be used to help with our review.

Grade sheets by the end of this week:

Assignment                                                  Grade

  1.  Unit 22:  Water Cycle                                   ______
  2.  Unit 12:  Landforms                                     ______
  3.  Unit 19:  Soil Types                                      ______
  4.  Learned / Inherited Traits                             ______
  5.  Photosynthesis (reading, 10 q.)                   ______
  6.  Unit 20:  Resources                                      ______
  7.  Matter and its’ Properties                              ______
  8.  Weather/Climate? Movements of Earth         ______

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