5th Graders Becoming Scientists

Students have been working through the first hands – on lab this week,  and are completing Graded Assignment #1.

Science expectations, rules,  and procedures have been discussed and modeled.  Working through the Scientific Method,  handling lab equipment,  and working as a team of researchers,  5th graders have hypothesized,  followed through with procedure,  recorded data,  and checked for reasonability.   Next week,  Life Science and the components of Ecosystems will be the focus.   We will observe and record information in the Nature Center located near the back of the Elementary Building / Bus Barn.   Please have students dress comfortably,  but within the dress code on those days,  which will be announced to the classes Monday  / Tuesday.

Reminder:  Lab folders are kept in the classroom unless a parent or the child asks for them to be brought home,  which is not a problem.  Folders contain lab sheets and projects,  vocabulary,  safety rules,  and graded work that is located behind the grade sheet.

Lab Folder Grade Sheets should look like this by Tuesday, 8/28/18:

Assignment                                                                  Grade

  1.   Science Lab Safety,  Equip.,  Procedures                          _________

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