Life Science Continues

5th graders have recently studied and compared Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors.  They constructed a “Reebop” using only Inherited Traits passed down from parent to offspring.  This week, students will examine Food Chains and Food Webs as they research how the Sun’s energy moves and flows through an Ecosystem.  Nature Center observations and sketches will be included.  5th graders can always find examples of these concepts around their homes and in neighborhoods.   Grade sheets in lab folders / journals should be as follows:

Assignment                                                                             Grade

  1.  Science Lab safety / Equipment                                             _______
  2.  Unit 23: Ecosystems                                                                _______
  3.  Unit 23: Vocabulary                                                                  _______
  4.  Unit 29 – 30: Life Cycles / Ecosystems                                     _______
  5.  Unit 30: Characteristics                                                            _______
  6.  Comparing Structures / Functions  (work in progress)             _______
  7.  Unit 28: Inherited Traits                                                             _______
  8.  Ecosystem Talkers                                                                    _______
  9.  Unit 24:  Food Webs / Chains (later this week)                         _______

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