Life Science Wraps Up – Physical Science Up Next


5th Graders are encouraged to study about 30 minutes per night,  using lab folder contents such as graded work,  lab and activity sheets, and Life Science vocabulary words.  The Assessment contains 22 questions covering 5th Grade Science thus far.   Parents are encouraged to read / discuss with students what has been covered this year.  Examples of Life Science,  Ecosystems,  and the living / nonliving organisms found within can be easily observed in East Texas.

Physical Science begins at the end of the week (10/22/18 – 10/26/18),  starting with MATTER and its properties.

Reminder from Intermediate Student Handbook (Page 26):

“During football season,  the Intermediate campus will adjust their daily schedule on Fridays ONLY,  to accommodate students who may leave for the pep rally.  Parents who wish to have their student attend a Friday pep rally will need to send a note to the homeroom teacher.

Thursday pep rallies WILL NOT be an excused leave early.  Students who leave early on Thursdays are missing IMPORTANT CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION and held to state compulsory attendance guidelines.”

The handbook contains an Attendance section for more information on compulsory attendance,  and can be viewed online.

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