Physical Science Research / Labs Continue

Recently,  students examined properties of matter including state, mass,  solubility,  relative density,  conductor,  and insulator.  5th graders designed and built an insulator to keep heat energy inside a container of hot water using various types of matter.   Better insulators = more heat energy for a longer period of time.  The week of 11/12/18 – 11/`16/18,  students will examine electrical circuits and test matter for the ability to insulate or conduct electrical energy using Lionel O Scale model trains and buildings.   We will also take a grade over Weather / Climate using the weather observation chart.   Grade sheets by the end of the week should look as follows:

            Assignment Name                                            Grade

  1.  Unit 25/26 Overpopulation / Fossils                       _______
  2.  Life Science Common Assessment                       _______
  3.  Unit 1:  Matter                                                        _______
  4.  Characteristics of Matter / Conductor / Insul.        _______
  5.  Weather / Climate / Observations                          _______
  6.  Electrical Energy / Circuits                                     _______

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