The American Century

5th graders have been studying life in 20th Century America and the influence of the USA across the Globe.  Inventions,  Presidents,  wars,  pop culture,  and other important events will be studied.    December 3rd – 7th,  students examine the late 1930’s – 1960s.  The Great Depression ending,  World War II’s  Greatest Generation,  how the United States became a Super Power,  the Cold War,  Korea,  birth of Rock and Roll,  television,  JFK,  Civil Rights, Vietnam,  Moon landing,  and the rise of the middle class are among topics covered.  Students will understand great sacrifices made,  and the hard work Americans have done to allow us to live freely today.

Grade sheets by the end of this week should be filled in up through Assignments 7 ( American Century I),  and 8 (American Century II),  both of which are 10 questions covering our American Century study thus far.

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