American Century Study Ends – Physical Science continues in January

5th graders have completed examination of The American Century.   Final three entries on the grade sheet:

              Assignment                                Grade

7.   American Century I                             ______         (covers 1900 – 1940s)

8.   American Century II                            ______         (covers 1941 – 1960s)

9.    American Century III                          ______         (covers 1960s – 2000)

We will pick up with Physical Science in January:  Forms, uses, and characteristics of Solar,  Heat,  Electric,  Light,  Sound,  and Mechanical Energy.  Hands – on labs covering each of these will be completed,  followed often by 10 – 12 item graded assignments to check / monitor comprehension.   Please be reminded that,  with the exception of Common Assessments,  students may correct graded work to earn a higher score.  Attendance and keeping absences to a minimum are critical to student success.    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas,  and a safe New Year.

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