Push / Pull Through Physical Science

5th Grade Science begins 2019 with a continuing of Physical Science.  Sound,  Light,  and Mechanical Energy will be studied the first 2 weeks back from Christmas Break,  followed by Mixtures and Solutions during Weeks 3 and 4.  Helpful vocabulary found in the lab folder glossary includes: Vibration, conductor,  insulator,  reflection,  refraction,  mechanical energy,  motion,  dissolve, solute,  solvent,  solution.   White Oak Intermediate School students also have access to Brainpop.com,  which offers online 3 to 5 minute lessons over Science concepts.    Username: wobrain,  password:  whiteoak.  These videos are used in class,  and are beneficial when learning concepts,  especially if students are absent or are struggling with comprehension of Science ideas.

Lab Folder Grade Sheets by Friday, 1/18/19:

Assignment                             Grade

  1.  Unit 7:  Light Energy             ______
  2.  Unit 9:  Motion                       ______

American Century Study Ends – Physical Science continues in January

5th graders have completed examination of The American Century.   Final three entries on the grade sheet:

              Assignment                                Grade

7.   American Century I                             ______         (covers 1900 – 1940s)

8.   American Century II                            ______         (covers 1941 – 1960s)

9.    American Century III                          ______         (covers 1960s – 2000)

We will pick up with Physical Science in January:  Forms, uses, and characteristics of Solar,  Heat,  Electric,  Light,  Sound,  and Mechanical Energy.  Hands – on labs covering each of these will be completed,  followed often by 10 – 12 item graded assignments to check / monitor comprehension.   Please be reminded that,  with the exception of Common Assessments,  students may correct graded work to earn a higher score.  Attendance and keeping absences to a minimum are critical to student success.    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas,  and a safe New Year.

The American Century

5th graders have been studying life in 20th Century America and the influence of the USA across the Globe.  Inventions,  Presidents,  wars,  pop culture,  and other important events will be studied.    December 3rd – 7th,  students examine the late 1930’s – 1960s.  The Great Depression ending,  World War II’s  Greatest Generation,  how the United States became a Super Power,  the Cold War,  Korea,  birth of Rock and Roll,  television,  JFK,  Civil Rights, Vietnam,  Moon landing,  and the rise of the middle class are among topics covered.  Students will understand great sacrifices made,  and the hard work Americans have done to allow us to live freely today.

Grade sheets by the end of this week should be filled in up through Assignments 7 ( American Century I),  and 8 (American Century II),  both of which are 10 questions covering our American Century study thus far.

Physical Science Research / Labs Continue

Recently,  students examined properties of matter including state, mass,  solubility,  relative density,  conductor,  and insulator.  5th graders designed and built an insulator to keep heat energy inside a container of hot water using various types of matter.   Better insulators = more heat energy for a longer period of time.  The week of 11/12/18 – 11/`16/18,  students will examine electrical circuits and test matter for the ability to insulate or conduct electrical energy using Lionel O Scale model trains and buildings.   We will also take a grade over Weather / Climate using the weather observation chart.   Grade sheets by the end of the week should look as follows:

            Assignment Name                                            Grade

  1.  Unit 25/26 Overpopulation / Fossils                       _______
  2.  Life Science Common Assessment                       _______
  3.  Unit 1:  Matter                                                        _______
  4.  Characteristics of Matter / Conductor / Insul.        _______
  5.  Weather / Climate / Observations                          _______
  6.  Electrical Energy / Circuits                                     _______

Life Science Wraps Up – Physical Science Up Next


5th Graders are encouraged to study about 30 minutes per night,  using lab folder contents such as graded work,  lab and activity sheets, and Life Science vocabulary words.  The Assessment contains 22 questions covering 5th Grade Science thus far.   Parents are encouraged to read / discuss with students what has been covered this year.  Examples of Life Science,  Ecosystems,  and the living / nonliving organisms found within can be easily observed in East Texas.

Physical Science begins at the end of the week (10/22/18 – 10/26/18),  starting with MATTER and its properties.

Reminder from Intermediate Student Handbook (Page 26):

“During football season,  the Intermediate campus will adjust their daily schedule on Fridays ONLY,  to accommodate students who may leave for the pep rally.  Parents who wish to have their student attend a Friday pep rally will need to send a note to the homeroom teacher.

Thursday pep rallies WILL NOT be an excused leave early.  Students who leave early on Thursdays are missing IMPORTANT CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION and held to state compulsory attendance guidelines.”

The handbook contains an Attendance section for more information on compulsory attendance,  and can be viewed online.

Life Science Continues

5th graders have recently studied and compared Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors.  They constructed a “Reebop” using only Inherited Traits passed down from parent to offspring.  This week, students will examine Food Chains and Food Webs as they research how the Sun’s energy moves and flows through an Ecosystem.  Nature Center observations and sketches will be included.  5th graders can always find examples of these concepts around their homes and in neighborhoods.   Grade sheets in lab folders / journals should be as follows:

Assignment                                                                             Grade

  1.  Science Lab safety / Equipment                                             _______
  2.  Unit 23: Ecosystems                                                                _______
  3.  Unit 23: Vocabulary                                                                  _______
  4.  Unit 29 – 30: Life Cycles / Ecosystems                                     _______
  5.  Unit 30: Characteristics                                                            _______
  6.  Comparing Structures / Functions  (work in progress)             _______
  7.  Unit 28: Inherited Traits                                                             _______
  8.  Ecosystem Talkers                                                                    _______
  9.  Unit 24:  Food Webs / Chains (later this week)                         _______

Life Science Study Continues

5th Graders have examined Ecosystems and Life Cycles.  We will soon study characteristics of organisms,  inherited traits,  and learned behaviors.  The week of September 10th – 14th:

Monday:  Grade #4: Unit 29/30 – Life Cycles

Tuesday:  September 11, 2001 review and remember activities / discussion

Wednesday:  Wrap – up Grade #4 if needed.  Spinner activity – Structural / Inherited Traits

Thursday:  Hands – on Lab:  Webbed Feet:  Comparing Structures and Functions

Friday:  Finish Thursday lab.   Introduce Grade #5 – Unit 30: Characteristics

Reminder:  Student lab folders are routinely kept in the classroom to prevent misplacement,  but can be brought home at any time for additional study,  finishing corrections on graded work,  and for parents to view grades and activities.

5th Graders Becoming Scientists

Students have been working through the first hands – on lab this week,  and are completing Graded Assignment #1.

Science expectations, rules,  and procedures have been discussed and modeled.  Working through the Scientific Method,  handling lab equipment,  and working as a team of researchers,  5th graders have hypothesized,  followed through with procedure,  recorded data,  and checked for reasonability.   Next week,  Life Science and the components of Ecosystems will be the focus.   We will observe and record information in the Nature Center located near the back of the Elementary Building / Bus Barn.   Please have students dress comfortably,  but within the dress code on those days,  which will be announced to the classes Monday  / Tuesday.

Reminder:  Lab folders are kept in the classroom unless a parent or the child asks for them to be brought home,  which is not a problem.  Folders contain lab sheets and projects,  vocabulary,  safety rules,  and graded work that is located behind the grade sheet.

Lab Folder Grade Sheets should look like this by Tuesday, 8/28/18:

Assignment                                                                  Grade

  1.   Science Lab Safety,  Equip.,  Procedures                          _________

Earth Science concludes, Science Review for STAAR

5th graders are wrapping up the Earth Sciences,  and reviewing Science concepts taught throughout the year.  With the approaching 5th Grade SCIENCE STAAR on MAY 16th,  it is important for students to stay focused and have good attendance so that they may benefit from every learning opportunity.  Like years past,  other 5th grade teachers are reviewing Science during their class periods as well.  Students have their lab folders,  which can be brought home at any time to help with review and study.   Benchmarks from March will also be used to help with our review.

Grade sheets by the end of this week:

Assignment                                                  Grade

  1.  Unit 22:  Water Cycle                                   ______
  2.  Unit 12:  Landforms                                     ______
  3.  Unit 19:  Soil Types                                      ______
  4.  Learned / Inherited Traits                             ______
  5.  Photosynthesis (reading, 10 q.)                   ______
  6.  Unit 20:  Resources                                      ______
  7.  Matter and its’ Properties                              ______
  8.  Weather/Climate? Movements of Earth         ______

Planet Earth

Students have been examining physical features of Earth such as landforms,  erosion,  deposition,  weathering,  constructive and destructive forces.  Hands – on labs which model these concepts,  observations around the WOISD Campus,  and class discussions have taken place and will continue.   Natural Resources and Conservation will be covered in the near future.

Grade Sheets by Wednesday of next week:

Assignment                          Grade

  1.  Unit 22:  Water Cycle              ______
  2.  Unit 12:  Landforms                ______