Earth Science Continues

This week,  students continue comparing physical features of the Sun,  Earth,  and Moon.

The Moon has many more craters than Earth,  and the surface looks very different from that of our own planet.  WHY?

This question will drive the hands – on lab 5th graders will complete.  We also will review order of the planets,  and features of the Sun and Earth.  Nine entries should be entered on student grade sheets,  located in the lab folders,  by the end of this week.  This also marks the end of the grading period.

Assignment                                         Grade

  1.  Unit 10:  Force, Mech Energy                  ______
  2.  Matter and Energy                                   ______
  3.  Unit 3:  Mixtures                                       ______
  4.  Unit 4:  Mixtures                                       ______
  5.  Physical Quotes                                       ______
  6.  Physical Science Common Assessm.      ______
  7.  Sun / Earth / Moon System                       ______
  8.  Unit 17:  Earth’s Rotation                          ______
  9.  Unit 25:  Solar System                              ______

Earth Science study will continue after Spring Break,  with a closer examination of the physical features of Earth.

Earth Science Study

5th Graders are studying the Earth Sciences,  beginning with a comparison / contrast of Weather and Climate.  Observations of local atmospheric conditions,  and how that relates to climate over many years will be examined.  Our Solar System,  and studying the Earth / Moon / Sun relationship will happen during the next few class periods.  Understanding how the unique characteristics and movements of each of these play a part in life on Earth,  including the measurement of time and the Day / Night / Year cycle will be researched.  We will also be reviewing the Physical Science Common Assessment results during class.  Grades cannot be raised through corrections  because it is an Assessment.


ASSIGNMENT                                                 GRADE

  1.  Unit 10: Force,  Mechanical Energy                  _______
  2.  Matter and Energy                                             _______
  3.  Unit 3: Mixtures                                                  _______
  4.  Unit 4: Solutions                                                 _______
  5.  Physical Quotes                                                 _______
  6.  Physical Science Common Assessment           _______

Physical Science Common Assessment Next Week

5th graders are finishing up and reviewing Physical Science concepts taught this year.  Students will cycle through lab stations and revisit activities from late October to now.  We will also use Brainpop and lab folder contents to help with the review.

The Physical Science Common Assessment will be given on Wednesday,  February 14th,  and Thursday,  February 15th,  and will have 27 total questions (25 Physical Science,  2 Life Science).

Students may bring their lab folders home to review Physical Science vocabulary and labs.  Many of the concepts can be easily observed around the home.  Encourage your child to spend about 20 – 30 minutes per night in review.

Grade sheets as of 2/7/18:

Assignment                                                         Grade

  1.  Unit 10: Force,  Mechanical Energy                   _____
  2.  Matter and Energy                                              _____
  3.  Unit 3:  Mixtures                                                  _____
  4.  Unit 4:  Solutions                                                 _____
  5.  Physical Quotes                                                  _____

We will begin studying the Earth Sciences after the Physical Science Common Assessment.

Objects in Motion

5th graders continue in Physical Science with the study of Mechanical Energy, Forces,  and Laws of Motion.  This week,  Gravity,  Friction,  and the force of Air were used to cause movement and to control  objects.  Next Week,  students will complete a graded assignment which reviews Matter and Energy.

Practice Science STAAR to be given Thursday,  January 18, 2018.

All 5th grade Science concepts will be included.  Students have not covered some of the concepts,  and should simply do their best to show what they know.  This will be an important tool to guide instruction and research in the coming weeks.  Earth Science concepts, as well as remaining Physical Science ideas, will be covered in the near future.


Assignment                                                    Grade

  1.  Unit 10: Force, Mech Energy                   ______
  2.  Matter and Energy  (Next Week)              ______

American Century Study Continues

WEEK OF DECEMBER 4th – 8th, 2017.

Students will examine important events and inventions from the mid – 1930’s to the 1960’s.  World War II,  beginnings of the Cold War,  the Space Race,  birth of rock – n – roll,  Cuban Missile Crisis,  JFK assassination,  Civil Rights movement,  Moon landing, and pop culture will be covered.

Grade #8 this week:  AMERICAN CENTURY II.

Science and the American Century Study

Prior to Thanksgiving Break,  5th graders studied Physical Science concepts such as Sound, Heat, Electric,  and Light Energy.  Between the Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks,  students will study The American Century:  1900 – 2000.  This unit will focus on important events and inventions of the 20th Century in the United States.  Science concepts will be included as 5th graders move through the decades chronologically.  This week will include the period from 1900 to and including the events leading up to World War II.


Physical Science concepts covered this week include forms of energy and types of matter that make good insulators or conductors.  5th graders constructed their own insulators on Monday, 11/6/17,  in an attempt to trap heat energy in a standard sized soda can filled with hot H2O.  They used pieces of matter brought from home,  or those provided in the classroom.  Monitoring thermal energy loss over a 15 minute period,  they learned what homeowners already know.  Keeping heat energy in–or out for that matter,  can be a challenge.  Study now moves to matter that will insulate or conduct electrical energy.   Student grade sheets by early next week should have the following entries:

Assignment                                               Grade

  1.  Life Science Common Assessment          ______
  2.  Unit 1:  Physical Properties of Matter        ______
  3.  Unit 2:  Boil / Freeze                                  ______
  4.  Unit 6:  Energy                                           ______

5th Grade Physical Science Study

Students will examine concepts of matter,  states of matter,  relative density,  mass,  weight,  and other Physical Science concepts this week relating to matter.  Vocabulary can be found in student lab folders.  Hands – on labs will cover these ideas.

Grade Sheets by Friday,  October 27th, 2017:

Assignment                                                        Grade

  1.  Life Science Common Assessment            ______
  2. Unit 1:  Physical Properties of Matter           ______                                                                                                            *Common Assessments cannot be corrected for a higher  grade.  

Home Stretch for Life Science

5th graders have studied Science lab safety,  procedures,  tools,  and Life Science concepts since the beginning of school.  There will be a Life Science Common Assessment on Wednesday – Thursday,  October 18th & 19th,  2017.  The majority of this 22 -question assessment will cover Life Science concepts.  Some Science lab procedures,  safety,  and tools questions will also be asked.  Students can take their lab folders home at any time to review concepts.   While we do not completely drop Life Science ideas,  the focus will shift towards Physical Science concepts beginning the week of 10/23/17.

The last three entries on student grade sheets are as follows:

Assignment                                              Grade

#7:  Comparing Structures / Functions                ______

#8:  Ecosystem Talkers                                        ______

#9:  Unit 27:  Food Webs / Metamorph.               ______

Grade #9 will be the last grade for this first 9 week period,  and will be entered into Skyward by next Wednesday,  10/18/17.  Students are beginning the assignment today,  Thursday,  10/12/17.

Inherited or Learned

This week,  students examined Inherited Traits through a hands – on lab experiment in which they created a Reebop creature using inherited physical characteristics passed from parent to offspring.  We will continue examining this concept and begin comparing it to the idea of learned behavior / acquired trait.

Grade sheets in lab folders:

  1.  Science Lab Equipment / Safety
  2. Scientific Inv.,  Reasoning,  Ecosystems
  3. Living / Nonliving in Ecosystems
  4. Life Cycles Within Ecosystems
  5. Unit 30: Characteristics
  6. Unit 31:  Inherited Traits
  7. Comparing Structures / Functions (next week).