5th Grade Science / Decades Wrapping Up

5th Graders are finishing up their school year with a look at The American Century by the decades.  Next week,  we will study the 1990s–important events and pop culture of the last decade of the 20th Century.  Students should have 9 grade entries on their Science lab folder grade sheets,  unless they were a part of the Math / Reading bootcamp.    Grade #5 – Matter and It’s Properties – will also count as grade #9 because it is a large and important concept in 5th Grade Science,  which warrants the extra weight of this grade.

We have had a good year in 5th Grade Science.  All the best to each and every student as we dismiss for the Summer and begin a new school year in the Fall.


5th Graders across the State will take the Science STAAR test on Wednesday, May 10.   White Oak 5th graders have worked hard this year through hands – on labs, outdoor investigations,  and in – class projects to understand the concepts that will be tested.   They are ready to show what they know.  Please discuss with your child what they have learned this year.  Show and review examples of Science concepts in everyday life,  around the house,  and in your neighborhood.  This helps students solidify the knowledge they have as they connect it to their environment.

Please help your child to be successful by making sure they get plenty of rest the night before the Science STAAR (Tuesday).   They should eat a good breakfast and come to school ready to master this test.

Thank you for your support of 5th grade Science this year.  They will be ready on Wednesday.


5th Grade Science Review Continues


Students are reviewing,  in multiple classrooms,  Science concepts that will be tested on the upcoming STAAR test.   Landforms,  lab safety,  characteristics of matter,  forms of energy,  and learned behaviors / inherited traits have been discussed this week.  5th graders will be tested over Science information from grades 1 through 5.

Lab folder grade entries as of Thursday, 4/27/17:

Assignment                                                                Grade

1. Earth Science Common Assess.                            _____

2. Shed Some Light Energy                                        _____

3. Forms of Energy                                                      _____

4.  P. S. – Electric Energy                                             _____

5.  Unit 1 – Matter                                                         _____


5th Grade Science Review Begins

Students recently completed an Earth Science Common Assessment,  which is Assignment #1 for the 4th  9 weeks grading period.  We will be reviewing and revisiting Science concepts taught  this year,  as well as in years past,  in preparation for the 5th Grade SCIENCE STAAR TEST on MAY 10, 2017.  This will be a very important measure of student knowledge of the Life,  Physical,  and Earth Sciences taught during the first 5 years of school,  STAAR SCIENCE also covers Scientific Method,  Procedures,  and Practices.  Many hands – on review labs and observations will be used during the course of the review.  Please encourage your child to work hard so that they can show what they know in May.


Students sketched, labeled,  and fully colored hands – on examples of Erosion, Deposition, Weathering,  and Human Activity observed around the White Oak ISD campus this week.   Along with Earthquakes and Volcanoes,  these create landforms such as mountains,  valleys,  sand dunes,  rolling hills,  deltas, and canyons.   5th graders began lab experiments today and will continue next week in which they model the creation of many of these features of Earth’s surface.   Grade #8 – Unit 12: Landforms,  will cover these concepts,  and should be entered on the grade sheet mid – week.   We will then examine soil characteristics and types later in the week.

Earth Science Study Continues

5th graders are examining and comparing Earth/Sun/Moon characteristics.  We are focusing on Earth’s atmosphere, the water cycle, weather,  and how these affect the planet.  Students recently constructed an H2O cycle model in a jar,  and are completing Grade #7: Unit 22-Water Cycle  questions over this concept,  (completed and added to grade sheet by Thursday).  The study will begin to focus on how water movement,  as well as wind and ice, change Earth’s surface (Erosion, Deposition,  Weathering).    We will be exploring areas on the W. O. I. S. D. campus to observe these features.

Earth Science Study

5th graders have begun studying the Earth Sciences.  Order of the planets going outward from the Sun can be learned using  My  Very  Excellent  Mother  Just   Served   Us   Nachos.

(Mercury,  Venus,  Earth,  Mars,  Jupiter,  Saturn,  Uranus,  Neptune).  

We will also examine the SUN-EARTH-MOON System,  and how each affects life on our planet.  This week focuses on the 24-hour day – night cycle (Rotation),  and our orbit (Revolution) around the Sun which gives us a year.  Along with Earth’s tilt on its axis,  this causes the Seasons.  Upcoming Hands – on labs will demonstrate these concepts.

Students will compare characteristics of the Earth and Moon next week by comparing and dropping “asteroids”.  Measurement and Science lab procedure / safety skills will also be covered.


ASSIGNMENT                                          GRADE

  1.  Mixtures
  2. Solutions
  3. Physical Science Quotes
  4. Physical Science Common Assess.
  5. Earth S. – Sun/Earth/Moon
  6. Unit 17:  Earth’s Rotation (in progress)


Students will take the Physical Science Common Assessment on Monday, 1/23/17, and Tuesday, 1/24/17.  5th graders have been advised of this,  and recorded the information in their planners at the beginning of this past week.  We have conducted hands – on review this week,  and it is suggested that a 20-30 minute review this weekend would be helpful.  Students were told to bring lab folders home for this reason.

We will begin studying the Earth Sciences, starting with the Solar System and Earth/Sun/Moon relationships, on Thursday, 1/26/17.


5th Graders examined characteristics of mixtures this past week, and will compare those to special mixtures called solutions the week of January 9th-13th.  Hands – on labs are allowing students to observe and work with the physical qualities of mixtures,  and then compare those characteristics to solutions.


As in Reading and Math,  5th graders will take a Benchmark Science Assessment this coming Tuesday.   Every effort should be made to have students at school and on time to show the best of what they know on this assessment.  Students may bring a library book for reading after the test,  room temperature water, mints,  or small candy to use during the exam.

Gradesheets in lab folders should have the following entries by next Friday, 1/13/17:

ASSIGNMENT                                  GRADE

  1.  Mixtures                                               ______
  2. Solutions                                               ______
  3. Physical Science Quotes                      ______

(Grade #3 may not be completed by 1/13/17).

Mechanical Energy, Forces, Motion

5th graders have been studying the Physical Sciences,  including matter and its properties/abilities/states,  forms of energy, including mechanical,  and motion/movement of objects.

We will conduct hands – on lab investigations the week of December 5th-9th, 2016,  which will allow students to investigate gravity, friction,  laws of motion,  and mechanical (potential and kinetic) energy.  These concepts are listed in the Physical Science section of the student lab folders,  and can also be found on experiment sheets and assignments filed in this folder.  Graded assignments will cover this information.

Grade sheets in the lab folder should have the following entries:

    Assignment                                                   Grade      

  1. Life Science Common Assessment
  2. Unit 1: Physical Properties of Matter
  3. Unit 2: Boiling / Freezing Point
  4. Unit 6:  Energy
  5. Matter/States/Conductors/Insulators
  6. Unit 8:  Light Energy
  7. Forms of Energy

It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to keep the grade sheet current as work is graded and returned.  The assignments are filed in the lab folder behind the grade sheet.